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A short story puzzle game about loneliness and companionship. Traverse ancient settlements, finding clues about what happened to the people who once resided there.

Made by five students over the course of eight months as a capstone project. The end level is not currently finished, but we hope you enjoy the puzzles and artwork that are currently in the game.


Kai Banks - Game Design, Programming, Color Design

Emily Bendevis - Narrative design

Kevan Chambers - Level & Puzzle Design, Programming

Jason Pushkar - Art

Jensen Verlaan - Game Design, Level Design

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsBendevious, Kaivris, Jensen Verlaan
Tags3D, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer


Build.zip 38 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip folder. Locate executable application within folder and click to launch.


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I really enjoyed what you guys were able to finish for your cap stone project the concept of becoming a sand cloud or a statue at will to solve puzzles felt cool for some reason. I was getting into the story as well, but it seemed like it was going to end sadly, so maybe it's for the best I wasn't able to get to the end cause both characters were likeable. my full play through here: 


Thank you so much for playing! Due to covid and other circumstances the last bit of the prototype weren't completely implemented but I am glad you enjoyed what was there. It means a lot that you liked it!!!!!


Thanks for making it, replying, and dang covid ruining everything xD. It was a great start hope to run into more of ya'lls games in the future great job again.